Burpees Anyone?

Hi there,

I am loving boot camp ladies!  It’s been a few weeks since I started and I gotta tell ya, I’m seeing results already!  Yup, my body is getting smaller, my energy level has increased and I’ve become accustomed to feeling hungry most of the time.  I’m maintaining a 1500 calories-a-day with most calories coming from protein and fats.  Carbs are the lowest percentage of my macronutrients and there’s no white flour, pasta or rice to be seen in my diet.   I’ve been doing 3 classes a week consistently and I’m ready to add one more this week.   The only exercise I’m not loving is the dreaded burpee…

Batman Burpee

Burpees are beyond challenging.  They are downright HARD!  And just in case you’re thinking, What the heck is a burpee?


I hate them.  There, I said it.  Let’s move on…

I’m hungry.  A Lot.  I used to be able to go all morning on a cup of coffee or two.  Now I have to eat in the morning, but not as much.  I find I am hungry more often but need less food to feel satisfied.  Exercising like this and changing my diet has naturally led me to eat smaller portions more frequently.  I think my metabolism is starting to rev up ladies…


So if you’re looking to change a sedentary lifestyle or maybe just change a routine that has become a bit boring, I highly recommend boot camp classes.  If nothing else, it will help with the holidays coming up.  You’ll have more energy to shop, cook and decorate and you can eat without putting on an extra 10 pounds.  I mean, do you really want to be making another New Year’s resolution carrying an extra 10 lbs or do you want to arrive at New Year’s looking fit and fab?  Just remember…five pounds of fat and five pounds of muscle look different on your body…

fat vs muscle

Enough said?

That’s it from me today.  I’ll check back in after Thanksgiving and let you know if I still hate burpees.

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Wonderwoman Barbie

Hi Everyone,

Between college application season, boot camp classes, and life on life’s terms, finding time to post regularly has proven to be challenging, but onward I push.  Today I have a small project I want to share.

I have beautiful Lenox silver that I received as a wedding gift, but I didn’t have a silver chest to store it in.  Several years ago my sister-in-law brought me an extra chest that she didn’t need (thanks Joann).  When she saw I was excited, she warned that it was very plain.

Um…hello…have you met me?  I can work with plain.

I’ve used it for several years – but kept it hidden in a drawer – knowing one day I would spruce it up.  Here’s how it looked when I started…

After a light sanding, I gave it two coats of  Home Decor Chalk Paint in Ebony…

Better, but dark brown was not the look I was going for.  Once it was dry, I applied Home Decor White Wax and Super Houls added some gold nail head trim to the four corners…


I’m not ashamed to admit that Super Houls may be better at hammering than I am.

The white wax application gave the wood a beautiful weathered gray look and the gold trim gave it some dimension and contrast.  But it still needed something in the center.  I found a letter “H” at the craft store and spray painted it gold to match the trim and secured it to the center of the lid.  Are you ready for this transformation?


Now the outside is as beautiful as the silver it holds inside.

Now, instead of being hidden in the drawer, it is displayed on our buffet…


Lovin’ it!

This was such an easy update.  You know, the kind that makes you wonder why you waited so long to do it.  The only thing I may add is a small handle above the lip.


But for now, I’m calling it done!

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What do you think?  Handle or no handle?  What would you do?

What do you think?  Handle or no handle? Leave a comment and let me know.


Be well,




Thinking Outside The Box

Wonder Woman over Barbie…Bring It!

Hi there,

We all browse Pinterest for inspirational photos to help us get our arses in gear.  I’ve been known to do this on occasion and find myself drawn to specific types of photos, like these…

Run 1

Source: Pinterest

To me this says, “women” “power” “active” “endurance” “speed”.


And here’s another type that I look for when I start to lose momentum…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

If she can do it…so can I!


And I have, as evidenced here.  Running keeps me sane, centered, fit, and…allows me to cheat eat.  But winter is on the horizon and I hear it’s going to be another tough one for us in the northeast.  Did I mention I hate running indoors on a treadmill?  Yup, I’m spoiled like that…rather be out in the fresh air.

So back to Pinterest I go, browsing away like I have nothing else to do.  All the while thinking about “another tough one” and I spot this…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)


…and this…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)


and finally, this…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

Is she for real?

And then I see this advertisement online for a boot camp class offered for a reduced fee.  Hmmm.  There were two locations (one 10 mins. away), multiple class time offerings, a forum for extra support, a daily calorie tracker and women only (not that there’s anything wrong with men).

So what do I do?  I decide to go for it…and sign up.

Uh huh…I did.

I’m committed to 3 times a week, maybe 4 depending on my schedule and if I survive week one (this week).  Last night was my first class.  I sweated, snorted and groaned my way through and was ever so relieved to get to my favorite part of the class…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

I might have been was a bit more sweaty and red-faced.

And since you’re all mesmerized by this point, you’ll be happy to know I’ll be providing weekly updates.  In the meantime, as I take my Advil and revel in the soreness of muscles I forgot existed, this will keep me going…

(Source: Pinterest)

(Source: Pinterest)

Just sayin’.

How have you challenged yourself lately?

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My human exhausts me.

My human exhausts me.


White Pumpkins and Plaid Blankets

Hey Everyone,

The temperatures are  s l o w l y  getting cooler here in New York and there’s a hint of fall foliage in the air.  I love to welcome fall by changing my home decor to reflect the coziness and colors of the season.  Today’s post is all about how I accessorize my home for fall.

Sometimes I switch out accessories, but if I love them I’ll keep them displayed and just dress them for the season.  Here I added a simple garland strand around this guy’s neck…

IMG_0546  And this guy got some acorn bells…


And I love the garland against the white background for this beauty…

IMG_0551I keep my decor pretty simple for fall because I tend to do my most elaborate decorating during the Christmas season.  My coffee table tray display got a few small changes…



I just added a Yankee Candle (Autumn Wreath) with a few pinecones and miniature apples.  You may have also noticed the striped sherpa throw in the picture above.  Throw blankets are a necessity at this time of year for cozying up on the couch.

On fall weekends, Super Houls and I start our days sipping coffee in front of a fire, with iPads in hand, catching up on emails and social media.  This year I added some plaid (a fashion must have!) blankets…


And one by the back door to grab on the way out in the evening for smores by the fire pit…


Yes, that’s the tip of my Ugg slipper on the lower left of this pic. Another fall must have!

The mantle is always the show stopper, whatever the season…


with lots of white and striped mini-pumpkins…



And filled a vase with some fall flowers for drama…


The wreath that hangs on the mirror transitioned from summer to fall with a single red hydrangea blossom.  I literally just popped in there with the white ones…


Moving on to the dining room…more striped pumpkins and a touch of animal print add texture to the table…and spice scented potpourri makes the room smell deliciously fall.


Finally, in the kitchen I added some small touches to the window sill to usher in the season…


And with a nod to Halloween, the inside of the front door got some whimsy…


I am love, love, loving my black door!

In a previous post I shared a tutorial on the fall wreath I made for the outside of my front door.  If you missed it, you can read about it here.  Stay tuned for a post on our outdoor fall decorations…coming soon.

In the meantime, do you love decorating for fall?  What’s your favorite decor season?

Be well,


Romeo Fall 2014

Happy Fall!

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Hey Hey,

Continuing with the Fall Decor theme that I started a few weeks ago here and here, let’s head outside for more autumn awesomeness, shall we…


At this point you might be thinking that I’ve been kinda quiet with this post.  I thought I’d just share the pics and give you a break from my ramblings.

Hope you had a great weekend and had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy this beautiful season.

Be well,


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Autumn Outdoors