Before the After: Part 4

Hi Friends,

In one more week it will be March!  Have we had enough?  Enough snow?  Enough cold?  Enough slush?  I think so!  The sun is shining today, which is certainly helping me to make the transition back from a week vacation in Puerto Rico.  I’m feeling grateful, relaxed and excited for Spring.  A week of sun and sand will do that for you…trust me.

Today I’m sharing my last post in my Before the After series about our fixer upper.  If you missed the previous three posts, you can view them here, here and here.

Let’s head upstairs today fo some more wall paper.  The previous owner, the daughter of the man who built the house, loved her wallpaper, for sure.  Take a look at how our walls looked after hours and hours of wallpaper removal…

Not so smooth and unless we were going for the textured look, something had to be done.  So SuperHouls sanded.  EVERY WALL.

After sanding and priming we had this…

And you might be wondering where I was during this sweat equity project.  In the bathroom, of course…

removing the wallpaper in there.  The bathroom was truly vintage.  Nicole Curtis would have had a field day with the original cast iron bathtub,  subway tile, medicine cabinet and light fixture…

…sorry Nicole, all gone now.  I wish I had met you before.  We could have had some serious fun together but at the time, I didn’t know.   I could have saved a lot of money too.  SuperHouls would have liked that.  #toolatenow

The final area left to see is the scary basement.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of before photos.  No need really.  What I do have is quite enough to give you a full picture of this cellar.  Ready?  Come on down…

ooooooo...a scary basement

Stairs down to the basement.

And there you have it.  The end of the Before the After series of our fixer upper.  I’m amazed at how much work we’ve put into our home.  Stay tuned for the after story which will be featured in my next series.

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that March, while known for coming in like a lion, will be more bearable than February was.

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Be Well,


Wake us up when Spring arrives.

                                                                         Wake us up when Spring arrives.


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