Before the After…Part 3

Hello Friends,

It’s February.  This makes me happy because it means: we’ve made it through January in the Northeast; February is a short month and we can do this; Spring is a comin’.

#readytoputmysweatersandbootsaway  #cravingtheoutdoors  #bringonthelongerdays  #getmeinthegarageDIYing

Meanwhile, there’s another storm coming tonight and you may need a little reading material so let me show you my blue kitchen.

The kitchen in our home had its own unique style that…well…I had never seen before.  It was painted light blue.  It had two (no, that’s not a typo) upper cabinets.  The (again, not a typo) lower cabinet had  a red linoleum countertop.  And…the floors were orange linoleum.  As far as appliances go, it did come with a stove.  Dying to see?  Feast your eyes on this beauty…

I mean…really?  Baby blue in a kitchen?  Who does that?  But more importantly, it’s too bad you can see the full effect the floor had on this ensemble.  But, if you have a good imagination, I found one that closely resembles it…

I know.   You’re scratching your head right now and wondering whether SuperHouls and I are dealing with a full deck, but you’ll understand when we get to the “after” photos, which won’t include the red linoleum countertop or old stove.

There’s SuperHouls and Al (our handyman who knew how to fix everything) kicking it to the curb.

And then we were left with this…

It always gets worse before it gets better.  But there were some good discoveries too.  After removing the lower, red linoleum topped cabinet, we discovered that there were original pine floors under that orange lineoleum…Bhooya!  Oh, and since we are all about “character” in a home, we also kept this original built-in cabinet…

original kitchen cabinets restoration

Those two upper cabinets were also kept and reused.  They found a home in the garage.

And ladies, let me share a photo of me (can’t believe I was still smiling) in a sample of my wardrobe for the six weeks we worked on the house…

kitchen demolition

Pretty Times

If you missed my first two post in this series you can find them here and here.

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