Living Room/Dining Room Update|The After Part II

Hi Friends,

Fall is here.  We’ve had cooler temperatures and fleeting daylight.  I love Fall.  I love sweater weather, boots and colorful mums.  I love the smell of fires burning and comfort food cooking.  Today I’m going to get some mums for our flower boxes and porch, but before I do, I’m sharing another update from my “Before the After Series.”  Come on in.

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Shelf Lamp Makeover| A Benjamin Moore/Rustoleum Paint Collaboration

Hi there friends,

As promised, I’m back with another project this week.  This old shelf lamp has been living in my garage waiting for my attention…

Lamp Before

Lamp Makeover – Before

What you’ll notice (besides the fact that the garage is truly a project and storage space and not used for parking our cars) is that there are three distinct areas on this lamp that needed redoing: the wood base, the gold metal parts and the white metal part.  I decided that a gray and white color scheme would work well since this is probably going to end up in D’s home office.   I used Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Paint on the wood base (after lightly sanding)…


BM Wrought Iron – two coats

I also sanded between coats to get a smooth finish.  This may be the new paint color for my dining room walls…luv luv!

After the base was good and dry, I covered it in plastic to work on the white metal part and sprayed on two coats of Rust-oleum Dark Bronze…


Rust-oleum Dark Bronze

Once that was dry, I used this high-tech method to spray paint the gold metal with Rust-oleum Titanium Silver…

Finally, when all the painted areas were dry, I added a simple white lampshade with a gray ribbon that I found at HomeGoods as a final touch…


Shelf Lamp Makeover: After


Shelf Lamp Makeover: After

And here’s one more of the before and after, side by side…

This was a straight forward project but it  took a few days because of paint drying time.  Of course the hot and humid days we’ve had this summer didn’t help…not that I’m complaining.

I wish I had a place in the abode for this lamp because I love how it turned out and it’s well-made and sturdy.  Hopefully it will be well utilized in its new home.

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Romeo the Yard Guard


Hi Friends,

I’ve been busy working on several projects here at the Abode that I will be sharing in the next few weeks…promise.  Today I’m sharing a quick mirror makeover that I finally completed.  Sometimes the simplest projects take the longest to get through…why is that?

OK, so I had this boring plain mirror frame that was just screaming for a makeover.  I didn’t take a before picture but just imagine an old, tired, brown wood frame, like this one…but not as nice…


So I painted it white, but it still needed a little sumpin, sumpin.  Then I added gold spray painted corner brackets, but it still needed some more sumpin, sumpin.  Finally I got out my rope twine and added some texture.  Then I was satisfied with the makeover.

Ready for the pics?  Here you go…

Mirror Makeover 1

Taking pictures of mirrors is not easy.  This is hanging in the mancave as you come in from the patio.  Light streams in from the windowed external door that leads outside.  You can see the door reflected in the mirror in this photo…

Mirror Makeover 2

And here’s some close-ups of the corner brackets and rope twine…

Mirror Makeover 3

mirror makeover 4

Mirror Makeover 5

It’s certainly better than how it started and it’s a good way to DIY a basic mirror frame to customize it to your space.  And I had all the materials on hand: paint, corner brackets, and rope twine.  Easy peasy!

Despite the heat wave we are having in the Northeast, I’m working on projects and pieces that have been sitting in my garage…for a while.  So I’ll be sharing them in the next few weeks…promise.

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Floyd in a tree.

How To Remove Paint From Hinges: Part Two

Hi Friends,

We survived yesterday’s blizzard with no trees down and no loss of electricity!


I had the opportunity to finish removing paint and polishing up the set of hinges I discussed in my previous post, which you can read all about here.  This is part two of the process.

After soaking the paint off, the hardware gets a lemon juice bath…


Before Lemon Juice Soaking

I usually let it soak overnight and then take it out, rinse it off and polish it with some 3-In-One oil.  The two on the left have been polished and you can see the difference in comparison to the one on the right…


3-In-One Oil

And let’s remember what we started with….


Painted Hinges

And here’s a side by side of the before and after…


Painted Hinge No More

It’s a process, for sure, but like I said in part one of this post, why throw it in a landfill and spend money on new hardware when a little time and effort can bring it back to life.

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What snow storm?