The Mancave Makeover Update – Featuring SuperHouls, Billy and Pink Floyd

Hi Friends,

The Mancave is complete with new paint, new built-ins and newly styled shelves that include organization solutions. I introduced this project in this post about the Mancave, and like all projects, it took on a life of its own.  I’m excited to share the results.  #superhoulsrockedit

This space is in our basement.  It was quite scary when we moved in. Here’s a photo of the space with exposed floor joists and water damaged walls before we did any work…

Al working on plumbing

I think his face says it all.

Since then we had it framed out and sheet rocked after putting in new electrical and plumbing.  Then we laid wood floors and the space was liveable…enjoyable even…and we used it as a combined office for SuperHouls and a T.V. room.  It worked for a few years but Superhouls really needed his own space where he could get away from me Mancave.  He also needed office storage, a computer area and music space.  So we cleaned out the room and gave it a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Silver Half Dollar.  I love the way this color plays so nicely with wood tones.


View from the backyard patio entrance.

The above picture shows the desk area he created by customizing a Billy Bookcase from Ikea.  In fact the whole back wall was built using four Billy’s that SuperHouls’ customized to fit his needs.  The straw fedora hanging on the left belonged to his dad  (RIP), so I found a spot for it.


View from entrance to room when you come down the stairs.

On the right side of the built-ins we kept all the shelving and used it for books.  Guitars and a keyboard line the left wall here – the designated music space.  The picture on the right is a poster of a Pink Floyd album cover.  Yup, this space is all about SuperHouls.

Guitars, Keyboard Gilmour

Guitars, Keyboard & Gilmour


The back wall of built-ins.

The television needed a home too so SuperHouls cut down the two middle bookcases, built a top to create a TV stand and then built another shelf along the top to display his prized Pink Floyd CD collection.  I love how the top shelf is illuminated by the ceiling lights.


Ceiling Lighting

In the above picture you can also see how he finished the space with crown molding and trim molding.  In the photos below you may notice how we used the shelves under the television as an open filing cabinet.



After SuperHoul’s built it, I came in with the organization and styling.  Can you tell?  What gave it away?  The labels?


And that, my friends, is a wrap!  Next up is the laundry room/bathroom combination that is also down here off the Mancave.  As soon as I decide on a paint color.  I’m not sure if I want to use Silver Half Dollar or go with a darker, moody gray to offset the white cabinets I’m installing.  Yes, you read that right.  I told SuperHouls I wanted to redo that room on my own.  He’s not convinced I can do it.

Um, have you met me?

Until next time, friends…and if you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below and then share it with a friend, because #sharingiscaring.

Be well,



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