Hi Friends,

I’ve been busy working on several projects here at the Abode that I will be sharing in the next few weeks…promise.  Today I’m sharing a quick mirror makeover that I finally completed.  Sometimes the simplest projects take the longest to get through…why is that?

OK, so I had this boring plain mirror frame that was just screaming for a makeover.  I didn’t take a before picture but just imagine an old, tired, brown wood frame, like this one…but not as nice…


So I painted it white, but it still needed a little sumpin, sumpin.  Then I added gold spray painted corner brackets, but it still needed some more sumpin, sumpin.  Finally I got out my rope twine and added some texture.  Then I was satisfied with the makeover.

Ready for the pics?  Here you go…

Mirror Makeover 1

Taking pictures of mirrors is not easy.  This is hanging in the mancave as you come in from the patio.  Light streams in from the windowed external door that leads outside.  You can see the door reflected in the mirror in this photo…

Mirror Makeover 2

And here’s some close-ups of the corner brackets and rope twine…

Mirror Makeover 3

mirror makeover 4

Mirror Makeover 5

It’s certainly better than how it started and it’s a good way to DIY a basic mirror frame to customize it to your space.  And I had all the materials on hand: paint, corner brackets, and rope twine.  Easy peasy!

Despite the heat wave we are having in the Northeast, I’m working on projects and pieces that have been sitting in my garage…for a while.  So I’ll be sharing them in the next few weeks…promise.

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Be well,


Floyd in a tree.

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