How To Remove Paint From Hinges: Part Two

Hi Friends,

We survived yesterday’s blizzard with no trees down and no loss of electricity!


I had the opportunity to finish removing paint and polishing up the set of hinges I discussed in my previous post, which you can read all about here.  This is part two of the process.

After soaking the paint off, the hardware gets a lemon juice bath…


Before Lemon Juice Soaking

I usually let it soak overnight and then take it out, rinse it off and polish it with some 3-In-One oil.  The two on the left have been polished and you can see the difference in comparison to the one on the right…


3-In-One Oil

And let’s remember what we started with….


Painted Hinges

And here’s a side by side of the before and after…


Painted Hinge No More

It’s a process, for sure, but like I said in part one of this post, why throw it in a landfill and spend money on new hardware when a little time and effort can bring it back to life.

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Be well,



What snow storm?

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