Christmas Decorations Three: Fabulously Festive Family Room

Ours is an old house, so it’s really a “living” room since “family” rooms didn’t exist in 1923 (the year our house was built).  But for the purposes of the title of today’s post, the latter just, well, worked better.

Now that we have the disclaimer out-of-the-way, WELCOME!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today is the third in the series I am doing on holiday decorations.  If you missed my first two posts, you can read them here and here.

Our main (read that as only…for this year…but don’t tell my husband this) Christmas tree is in the living room. I have quite a few small mini trees but only one large tree. I love trimming the tree – it is my favorite part of Christmas decorating.  Before I show pictures, let me show you some of the other decorations the room features.

First up…THE BALLS!  Love them!  There’s something beautifully gaudy about them.  I like to place them above doorways and alcoves like this…

Balls - Dining Room

Balls 1

Here’s a closer look…

Balls 2

And I found these little frame ornaments at Michaels.  I hung them in the windows of the alcove.  To dress them up a bit I added a small, red ornament and red ribbon.  They are so versatile so I’ll probably find a way to reuse them for Valentines Day.  Aren’t they cute?


And who doesn’t love reindeers? My red, sparkly reindeer just makes me smile every time I look at her.  This year I decided to wrap my Christmas gifts in brown paper that I had in my garage. It’s really meant to protect wood floors from messy house projects.  I have a lot of it because like I said, the house was built in 1923…so, um, everything had to be redone, updated…EVERYTHING!  I’ve wrapped some gifts and dressed them up with ribbons and candy to create a little vignette around the reindeer.  The brown paper background makes the ribbon pop and the whole look is cohesive.


The mantel was changed up this year…I dressed it up with real garland.   I may have assembled this too early as it is starting to dry out a bit already.  I layered berries and ornaments and some ribbon and lights. I attached everything with floral wire so this took a while.  I really don’t want to have to redo it before Christmas.  Let’s hope the real garland holds up.

Mantel 1

Mantel 3

To make the top of the mantel festive, I added a sleigh that was given to me.  It was black iron when I got it so I just spray painted it white…easy fix…and loaded it with pine-scented pine cones.  It smells awesome in this room.  To top it off, I hung a sparkly sign on the mirror and then added some sparkly gold decorations.    

Mantel 5

Mantel 4

Mantel 6

And finally…the tree.  Let’s start at the top.  I believe the angel that sits atop my tree should have a collar of color to enhance her beauty, so I create one like this…


Do you see how the top of the tree is layered with a row of white poinsettas and then a layer of red ribbons and berries for color, followed by a layer of gold flowery thingies (yup, I just used that word)?  So my angel sits on a bed of flowers and bows and berries!  Love!  Then I work my way down adding ornaments in my gold, white and pops-of-red color scheme like this..


and then poinsettas and ribbon to finish her off like this…


Somehow, with all my fussing, she ends up being a real beauty…


How gorgeous is she?

I still have my Christmas Village to show you in my next post.  I’ll also include pictures of the entire room to show you how it all ties together. So be sure to stop back in.

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