Christmas Decorations Four – I Believe It Takes A Village

It’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas here in New York.  The snow is falling and the temperatures have dropped!  This is my fourth post in this series on Christmas decorating.  To read from the beginning, click here

Many moons ago I dabbled in the catering business.  I’m not a chef and I certainly would not include cooking as one of my strengths.  Baking is Okay…and can even be fun…on limited occasions, but cooking is my husband’s domain.  He experiences cooking as a relaxing, creative event.  I experience it as a chore with too many moving parts.  It stresses me unlike any other task I have attempted.  This perplexes me greatly considering I really do believe I can do anything I put my mind to, and I have many experiences as proof.  For example, work full-time, raise a child and go to grad school?  Check!  Quit smoking?  Check!  Run a half marathon?  Check!  Buy an old house and renovate EVERYTHING?  Check!  BUT…when it comes to cooking… I’m.  Just.  Not.  Interested.  So, we quickly agreed that to ensure a state of domestic bliss for years to come, it would be best for him to oversee our meals.   As a result, I am well fed…despite myself.

I remember a particular catering event vividly – a private house party.  The hostess had a village set up in her bay window that spanned 10 feet…at least.  It was absolutely beautiful and I was absolutely drawn to it.   As I gazed upon (drooled, really) the scene, I noticed steeped houses with lights…and vintage train stations with moving trains…and people caroling and skating on little bench-lined rinks…and trees everywhere!  And…it was all set on a bed of snow (sigh).  I knew immediately I had to have one; would have one, just like it.  And I do.  See what I mean about believing.


It’s not quite as grand as the one I saw all those years ago…but it’s a good start.  I bought a few pieces and picked up a few at estate sales.  I’ll just keep adding each year.  I was delighted by one estate sale find because little did I know, it not only lights up, but there’s a deep male voice that tells the “Twas Night Before Christmas” story and…each room in the house lights up to coordinate with the story.  I’m pretty sure my hostess friend did not have this in her collection…

Village 2I added the faux snow and took it a step further by adding some mini lights that I had.  My kitten saw this as a new Narnia to explore and is responsible for the knocked-over guards that you see.  He has since been trained that this is not his Narnia – it’s mine!  And like my hostess friend, I have a train station…and a moving trolley… and people skating on a tiny rink… Village 4…and a couple sitting on a bench…kissing…

Village 3Did you notice all the trees?

Village1All you gotta do is believe!

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