Christmas Decorations – One (Here we go…)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…for two reasons.  This time of year allows me to slow down, reflect on my blessings and be grateful for a busy life filled with family and friends.  It is also a long weekend and the perfect time to start decorating for Christmas!

This year I was able to start early (my husband seems dismayed by the idea…I think he mumbled the word neurotic in passing) and spend some time (OK, so it was most of the day) last Sunday getting the decorations down from the attic which, by the way, is a whole other project waiting to be organized.  I’m thrilled that my wonderful husband agreed to tackle that task after the holidays.  I see a garage sale in our future.  And…maybe a finished attic?

Nonetheless, visitors during the holidays do tend to notice my Christmas decorations.  They ask questions (mostly about where I find the time) and then offer complimentary comments when I explain that it makes me happy to have beautiful surroundings, so I make the time. And then I usually remind them that I’m a bit neurotic about it and I’m OK with that.

Now that I’ve decided to start blogging, I thought it best to share my decorating expertise with the world!  Or maybe just those who happen upon this blog in the blogosphere.  Seriously, anything that has to do with decorating makes me happy and I believe in sharing what brings us joy. For my first holiday decorating post, I thought it would be appropriate to start with my latest DIY project…remember those decorative ladders (yes, I know, how could you forget, it’s all I’ve talked about) but I love how they turned out and I am quite proud of them.  So much so that every time I get into bed and look at them I contemplate how to dress them up for the holidays.

Here’s the result of all my pondering…


I tend to use classic colors for Christmas decorating – mostly gold and white and then I add pops of red.  I decided to keep this theme in my bedroom by hanging some simple white ornaments with ribbon on my decorative ladders.  I brought in some sparkle with lights on a small tree on one side and a berry wreath (the pop of red) on the other.  Then I  added angels from my Willow Tree collection to finish it off. Simple, serene and festive for the bedroom.  If you like the simplicity of the Willow Tree ornaments, you can find them here.

And here’s a close-up of each decorated ladder…

image     image

Thanks for visiting and a Happy Thanksgiving from our humble abode to yours!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations – One (Here we go…)

    • houligirl says:

      Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated. Stay tuned for more on my neurosis with Christmas decorating. Hope all is well in your corner of the universe!



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