Decorative Ladders: Two down…two to go.

Hi there… I’m happy to report that I’ve completed my first two decorative ladders.  This was a simple project that anyone with a few basic tools and painting supplies can do.  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. Here are the finished decorative ladders in the master bedroom…


See what I mean about filling in the wall space?  My husband now understands  why we needed “decorative” ladders.  He loves them!  He particularly loves how the stain and wax treatment enhance the natural grain of the wood. You can see this better in these close up shots…


Since I’m new to blogging, I do tend to get over excited and forget to take before pictures and pictures during the process.  But I did remember to take a few before and after staining.  Here’s a side by side comparison…


And, if you want to try this easy project, here’s my supply list…

4 – 6 foo1x3 pine boards – used 2 for side boards of each laddeR

2 – 6 foot 1×2 pine boards used to cut into 8 18 inch strips for ladder rungs

Chop/Miter Saw for cutting 1x2s

Measuring Tape

Screws – I used what I had on hand in the garage. Just be sure they aren’t  too long or they will go through the wood.

Miniwax Wood Stain in Provincial

Paint Brush and Cloth to apply and wipe off stain

Miniwax Wood Wax to protect and coat the wood after staining

That’s it for this easy project.  My ladders measure 6 feet tall and 21 inches wide with 18 inch rungs.  Here’s a side by side of my inspiration photo and my DIY version…

DIY-Ladder-Tutorial-Long   image

The only thing left to do is utilize them, and trust me, the ideas are percolating. I may even decorate them for the holidays, which my next few blogs will be all about…holiday decorating…can’t wait!  I think I’ll start this weekend! In the meantime, I’m loving these ladders. They make me happy.  To read about this project from the beginning, click here.


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