Tiny Flower Pot Containers

Hey Hey,

We had a beautiful day here in New York after a week of rain. Today was the perfect day to get outside and do some gardening. After planting flowers in our window boxes, we had a few flowers left over and inspiration struck when I noticed these in my kitchen…


Tolenti is my favorite ice cream these days. If your haven’t tried it, you must. It’s delicious. The containers are great for organizing and storing all our different screws and nails, so I always keep them when we finish the ice cream. I needed two very small containers for the left over flowers so I decided to give them a little sprucing up with some twine and spray paint that I had on hand.  These were so easy and took only an hour start to finish.

With my hot glue gun I added the twine from the bottom up…


Then I decided I didn’t want to cover the entire container in twine so I used white spray paint for the top half of the containers…


And then to finish the top and hide the ridges where the lid screws on, I added two more rows of twine.  Then I drilled drainage holes in the bottom…


…added some potting soil and flowers and voila…


They are perfect on their new home on the porch…


Cute right?  I love them!  How did you spend this beautiful day?  Let me know in the comments below.

Be well,


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