Happy Memorial Day and Apartment Reno Update

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all enjoy this holiday and have something fun planned with family and friends.  D & D are taking a break this morning from the renovations and we are heading out shopping. I’m tagging along because, well, I’ve never been one to turn down a good sale. 

Before I go, here a quick update on yesterday’s renovation progress…

SuperHouls got the cabinets installed.   

Of course, we made a few runs to this place for those “oops we need” moments…  

 Nothing is square in old homes so there’s always a bit that needs to come off to make it fit.


And just when SuperHouls was thinking he could really need some assistance, my brother JAT showed up. Love when the universe simultaneously responds…so does SuperHouls. 



Together they got it done. 


All the while D just kept right on painting…


all that moulding and trim…


What are you doing for Memorial Day?  Anyone one have fun projects happening?  Barbeques? Shopping? Beach?

Be well,


Oh, and before I go…Happy First Anniversary Michele and George!!!!


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