Twelve Days of Christmas -Day Four: From Decorated Trees to Decorated Neighborhoods

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The other night, I grabbed my camera and took a ride to photograph the homes in my neighborhood.  Of course it started raining soon after I ventured out so my apologies for any water drops you may glimpse on these photos.  They may also be a bit dark since I decided to take some night shots to capture the lights on the houses.

Let me give you some background on my neighborhood.  Colonial Heights is an established neighborhood that encapsulates an architecturally diverse collection of homes.  This is what I love most about it.  It is also located close enough to NYC to enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer, but far enough away that chirping birds, crickets and greenery give a reprise from the noise, crowds and hard scapes of city life.

To give you a sense of when the neighborhood was first established, this church was built in 1789.   The structure’s simplicity is reminiscent of that time period.  The white lights and green wreaths hanging on the classic red doors highlight its beauty.


Colonial Heights Church

This next home is massive in comparison to my humble abode and the decor is stunning.  The home itself is shrouded by hedges and difficult to see from the road but here’s some of the highlights of the wonderland they create every year.

All the urns and the tree bases surrounding the property get dressed up too.



And just to give you an idea of the sheer size, this is the guest house on the property, complete with rooftop trees and window bows.

This home has a wide front yard display.


But my favorite decoration is the full-sized moving santa sitting in his…armchair.


I found two candy cane lanes in yards decorated for little ones.

And this home with just a lighted wreath and deer with matching red bows.


I’m hoping to get out there again soon to capture some daytime photos…when it’s not raining.

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Merry, Merry!


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Tiny Flower Pot Containers

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We had a beautiful day here in New York after a week of rain. Today was the perfect day to get outside and do some gardening. After planting flowers in our window boxes, we had a few flowers left over and inspiration struck when I noticed these in my kitchen…


Tolenti is my favorite ice cream these days. If your haven’t tried it, you must. It’s delicious. The containers are great for organizing and storing all our different screws and nails, so I always keep them when we finish the ice cream. I needed two very small containers for the left over flowers so I decided to give them a little sprucing up with some twine and spray paint that I had on hand.  These were so easy and took only an hour start to finish.

With my hot glue gun I added the twine from the bottom up…


Then I decided I didn’t want to cover the entire container in twine so I used white spray paint for the top half of the containers…


And then to finish the top and hide the ridges where the lid screws on, I added two more rows of twine.  Then I drilled drainage holes in the bottom…


…added some potting soil and flowers and voila…


They are perfect on their new home on the porch…


Cute right?  I love them!  How did you spend this beautiful day?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Autumn Outdoors

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Continuing with the Fall Decor theme that I started a few weeks ago here and here, let’s head outside for more autumn awesomeness, shall we…


At this point you might be thinking that I’ve been kinda quiet with this post.  I thought I’d just share the pics and give you a break from my ramblings.

Hope you had a great weekend and had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy this beautiful season.

Be well,


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Cliff Walks and Mansions and Beaches…Oh My!

I recently posted to my Facebook page that I was feeling “miffed”.  SuperHouls and I were on the tail end of a mini-getaway to Newport, RI and stopped for dinner in Jamestown before making the drive back to New York.  When we arrived in Jamestown…I swooned…

View of the Pell Bridge

Once I recovered, I wondered why no one had ever suggested I go there.  My family, my friends and my acquantices all know that I am an avid beach goer and lover of all things nautical.  All know that I frequented the Hamptons, Montauk, Fire Island and all other Long Island Beaches.  They know I vacationed on Cape Cod and Maine.  Were they not prersent at our nuptuals off the shores of Greenwich?  It’s no secret I lived in the Carribean…quickly acclimated to the island lifestyle…and island hopped at every opportunity.  Summers have always included time away at beaches in Deleware and LBI.  And wasn’t I just in Puerto Rico this past February?  Yet, not a peep about Newport and Jamestown, nada…zilch…nothing.  See?  You’d be “miffed “too.

But I’m over it now and ready to move on and suggest to all who have never been…just go!  I’ll start with the Cliff Walk…


View of the infamous Cliff Walk from the beach.

View of the infamous Cliff Walk from the beach.

I happened upon it because I was searching for running trails.  SuperHouls and I wanted to run two of the four days we were away.  According to the article I read, the Cliff Walk is one of the most beautiful places to run.  I admit, I was skeptical because we run where ever we go and I’ve seen some beautiful sights while running.  SuperHouls didn’t believe it either…I could tell by the way he responded to my suggestion we try it bright and early in the morning…or maybe he was just tired.  I read parts of the article to excite him, but no luck.  He committed but without much enthusiasm, until he saw this…

SuperHouls is amazed at my ability to find awesome running trails.

Yup…that was pretty much what we got to look at during our four mile out-and-back run.  Amazing, no?  Here’s some more photos…

Cliff Walk 4

Coastline on one side and mansions on the other makes me a happy girl.

Cliff Walk 1And, it gets better!  The other side of the Cliff Walk trail was spotted with the Newport Mansions.  I mean…this was like a scene out of Downton Abbey!  We booked a tour of the mansions and I had my camera at the ready, but for preservation reasons pictures were not allowed (a rule SuperHouls insisted I obey) but if you are interested in these historically preserved homes, go here.

The Elms was my favorite.  I could totally see myself living there.  SuperHouls, not so much.  One of these days we are going to sell the house, pack it all up and move to one of the areas on our “places we’d live to live” list.

But for now, we’ll just run the trails, tour the historic homes, dine at the local haunts and relax on the beaches when ever we can…

Cliff Walk Us

I forgot my running shades and had to improvise…no judging!


Terry & Me

A quick stop for lunch at The Black Pearl restaurant in Newport…Yums!


Fourth of July Weekend brings a crowd…

Paul Revere

…and some interesting characters!

Our last night in Jamestown, we ate at a restaurant called Simpatico.  The food was delicious, and we sat outside under the pergolas and trees decorated with mini-lights.  It was a perfect way to end our mini getaway and I fell in love with this outdoor chandy…

DIY Chandy

Added this to my ever growing DIY project list…sigh.

We are back to work until August but I’m hoping to knock some projects off my list once I feel more acclimated to my summer work schedule.  In the meantime, I hope you are all havig a fun, relaxing summer…and if you are looking for a great New England vacation spot or a new running trail…check out Newport and Jamestown.

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Next time, hopefully they’ll remember to take me.