Tiny Flower Pot Containers

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We had a beautiful day here in New York after a week of rain. Today was the perfect day to get outside and do some gardening. After planting flowers in our window boxes, we had a few flowers left over and inspiration struck when I noticed these in my kitchen…


Tolenti is my favorite ice cream these days. If your haven’t tried it, you must. It’s delicious. The containers are great for organizing and storing all our different screws and nails, so I always keep them when we finish the ice cream. I needed two very small containers for the left over flowers so I decided to give them a little sprucing up with some twine and spray paint that I had on hand.  These were so easy and took only an hour start to finish.

With my hot glue gun I added the twine from the bottom up…


Then I decided I didn’t want to cover the entire container in twine so I used white spray paint for the top half of the containers…


And then to finish the top and hide the ridges where the lid screws on, I added two more rows of twine.  Then I drilled drainage holes in the bottom…


…added some potting soil and flowers and voila…


They are perfect on their new home on the porch…


Cute right?  I love them!  How did you spend this beautiful day?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Apartment Reno: A Ray of Light

Hi Everyone,

WOW!  This project has been quite a bit of work for D and D. The good news is…the end is in sight!  Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel and after this weekend, the corner will be rounded.

This project has been anything but linear. Start cabinets…stop!  Start floors…stop!  Start painting….stop!  Back to floors…wait, let’s replace the bottom cabinets.

Even though I’m just watching from the side lines and offering help and suggestions when I have the opportunity, it’s overwhelming peeps!  Like all home improvement projects, the list started to grow and mama looked around and decided it was time to get some help.

Painters were hired last weekend to prime the whole apartment and the floors have been sanded, stained and just need one more coat of poly.  The kitchen cabinets and countertop are ordered and the sink and faucets have been delivered.  Here’s a peek at one of the painted rooms…


Ahhhh…the power of paint to transform.

Meanwhile, at the abode, Spring has sprung…finally!

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Be well my friends.


How To Inherit A Garden

Hi there,

It certainly has been a while since my last post and Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. It’s officially the beginning of the summer season. School’s almost out, days are long and lazy, and bar-b-que cooking fills the air.   What better time to share some pictures of our inherited garden.  But before I do…SuperHouls was busy this weekend…

Nice try...but I've learned to stay clear of  people with hoses.

Nice try…but I’ve learned to stay clear of people with power hoses.

Yup…the Spring/Summer season always begins with a good power washing, and after this winter, the house was screaming for it. Now let’s get back to “how”  we inherited our garden.  It’s quite easy to inherit a garden…simple, really…just buy …A. Really. Old. House.

Ours was built in 1921 and advertised with words like charming, quaint and character.  Our home certainly fits that description, especially now that we have gutted the kitchen and bathroom, finished the basement, added another bathroom, scraped wall paper off Every. Wall. In The. House, then painted them, ripped up carpet and sanded the floors, updated the electrical and the plumbing, and much more that I am willfully forgetting.  We had no idea what we were getting into…but we do now.  When we finished the basement, we also decided that the blue stone (the really thick, heavy, old stuff) that lined our driveway would make a better patio.  So we had that pulled up, moved and reset as a patio with a built-in fire pit.  Our outdoor space is our haven this time of year. So when you see a real estate add that touts quaint, charm and character…BEWARE my friends…you may have your work cut out for you.  That was certainly our experience!

BUT the garden…well…it had me at hello.

Since we inherited this garden, we take no responsibility for the time and energy that went into the planting and sowing of the beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons and snowballs that surround us each Spring.  However, I am so grateful to our home’s previous owner.  She loved flowers and as a result, I enjoy a pretty amazing  flower show right outside my door.

It all starts at the south end of the garden that is lined with large flowering bushes. The azaleas start the show – this  is the first year the 25 foot beauty did not fully bloom.  I’m blaming “old man winter”.  However, we did manage to get these beauties…

Azaleas that bloomed in 2014.

The azaleas that bloomed in 2014.

Then the rhododendron get in on the action.  First the pink… Pink Then the purple…

From this...

From this…

...to this!

…to this!

Within a few weeks the bushes that line the north end of the garden feature white flowers like these snowballs…


and these lovely white flowers that I cut and gathered  in a vase.

SuperHouls gets a break from buying me flowers.

SuperHouls enjoys a break from buying me flowers.

Over the years we have added to our inherited garden.  We planted forsythia to soften the harshness of a white fence on the south end of the garden.  The mature plantings surround us in privacy from all sides when we enjoy time outdoors…

Don’t you think a pergola over the patio would take this to a whole new level?  I’m working on it…and SuperHouls!

And we inherited this old oak tree that provides plenty of shade…

It's' big...and messy in autumn when the leaves start to fall.

It’s’ big…and messy in autumn when the leaves start to fall…but we love it.

And the birds come to sing...and eat.

And the birds like it too. They come to sing…well, really to eat.

The front yard has azaleas and rhododendron too, also inherited. In keeping with the pink and purple theme, we plant petunias in our window boxes each year…

Window boxes

Window boxes are on the makeover list too.

And of course, what’s a porch without a hanging basket…

I found the raffia hanger in the attic. I've had it for years and love it against the white pot.

I found the rope hanger in the attic. I’ve had it for years and love the pattern and texture it gives to the plain white pot.

And these beauties on each side of the front entrance…

Not sure what these are called.

Anyone know what these are called?


Yup…I’m a lucky girl to be surrounded by all these beautiful flowers in my inherited garden. It’s a great place to just stretch out and relax…



or to be on guard for predators…

Kitty of the. Jungle


And don’t even get me started on the up lighting that SuperHouls has installed in the front yard.  That’s a post for another day.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend and here’s to a great summer season! And, hey, if you enjoyed reading this, why not follow me?

Be well,