Fab Fall Wreath

Hi Everyone,

It’s been waaaaaay tooooo long since my last post…I know. That’s what happens when you try to maintain a blog and work full time. We are back to school for just about a month and I always say it takes until Columbus Day weekend to acclimate to the schedule after summer vacation. And here we are about to step into October and I’m finally getting a post in.

I needed a new Fall wreath for my front door and I’ve been wanting to try DIYing this one. I got it done last night and I’m kinda lovin’ it!

It’s really simple and easy to pull off. Here’s what I did…I started with a green floral styrophome wreath form, some push pins and brown burlap ribbon fabric…

fall wreath 5

I just attached the burlap to the wreath with the push pins, working my way around the wreath form until I ended up with this…

fall wreath 4

The next step was the decorative ribbon.  I worked around the wreath and secured it with more push pins…

fall wreath 3

You can also see in the picture above (and a close-up below) that I left a tail of both burlap and decorative ribbon at the bottom of the wreath.  This adds a little more drama to the finished product…which you’ll see in a moment.

fall wreath 2

Here’s when I ran into a little problem.  The inside of the wreath’s green styrophome was still exposed…no bueno.  So, I rummaged through my ribbon supply and found some tan burlap that I had and added it to the inside to cover the green styrophome which you can see if you look closely…

fall wreath1

Then I added some decorative florals to dress it up a bit…

Fall Wreath 8

To finish it off, I added a lighter colored burlap bow for contrast to the tail that I left at the bottom…

Fall Wreath 9

And I used the same decorative ribbon to hang it on the front door….

Fall Wreath10


By the way, did you notice the door color?  It’s BLACK.  Finishing this wreath has inspired me to Fallify the rest of my home this weekend, so stay tuned.

Be well.



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