White Pumpkins and Plaid Blankets

Hey Everyone,

The temperatures are  s l o w l y  getting cooler here in New York and there’s a hint of fall foliage in the air.  I love to welcome fall by changing my home decor to reflect the coziness and colors of the season.  Today’s post is all about how I accessorize my home for fall.

Sometimes I switch out accessories, but if I love them I’ll keep them displayed and just dress them for the season.  Here I added a simple garland strand around this guy’s neck…

IMG_0546  And this guy got some acorn bells…


And I love the garland against the white background for this beauty…

IMG_0551I keep my decor pretty simple for fall because I tend to do my most elaborate decorating during the Christmas season.  My coffee table tray display got a few small changes…



I just added a Yankee Candle (Autumn Wreath) with a few pinecones and miniature apples.  You may have also noticed the striped sherpa throw in the picture above.  Throw blankets are a necessity at this time of year for cozying up on the couch.

On fall weekends, Super Houls and I start our days sipping coffee in front of a fire, with iPads in hand, catching up on emails and social media.  This year I added some plaid (a fashion must have!) blankets…


And one by the back door to grab on the way out in the evening for smores by the fire pit…


Yes, that’s the tip of my Ugg slipper on the lower left of this pic. Another fall must have!

The mantle is always the show stopper, whatever the season…


with lots of white and striped mini-pumpkins…



And filled a vase with some fall flowers for drama…


The wreath that hangs on the mirror transitioned from summer to fall with a single red hydrangea blossom.  I literally just popped in there with the white ones…


Moving on to the dining room…more striped pumpkins and a touch of animal print add texture to the table…and spice scented potpourri makes the room smell deliciously fall.


Finally, in the kitchen I added some small touches to the window sill to usher in the season…


And with a nod to Halloween, the inside of the front door got some whimsy…


I am love, love, loving my black door!

In a previous post I shared a tutorial on the fall wreath I made for the outside of my front door.  If you missed it, you can read about it here.  Stay tuned for a post on our outdoor fall decorations…coming soon.

In the meantime, do you love decorating for fall?  What’s your favorite decor season?

Be well,


Romeo Fall 2014

Happy Fall!

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