Ladies…Hang Your Heels!

Hi Everyone,

I am posting a quick update today on some easy additions to the Lady Cave.  OK, so remember over the summer when I wrote this post about redoing my walk-in closet?  Well, see if you can tell what I added…


Did you see them?  My heels are hanging on the wall!!!  I saw variations of this on pinterest and I gotta say…whoever thought this up was genius.  Chair rail molding for hanging heels?  Who knew?  Not me!  But now, we all do.  Here’s some close-ups…


I’ve only added one row so far but I think I might need two.  Ladies, this is a great storage solution for several reasons – you can see what you have, vertical space is optomized, and it’s eye candy.  No brainer!


Did you find the other addition?

Woman are hard on themselves.  We’re good at highlighting our every flaw.  I hear it all the time from woman I know, including me…am I skinny enough?…is my hair okay?…is that a wrinkle?  So I put up a daily reminder for myself.  It’s the first thing I see when I enter the Lady Cave and it makes me smile:


Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back in the next few days with some highlights of my Fall home decor.

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Be well,



Purse Snatcher



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