Holiday Decor…A Recap

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I also know this can be a difficult time of year for some who are remembering the loved ones who have passed.  There are a few families and loved ones that I have been keeping in my thoughts and prayers during these past few weeks.  I like to believe that they are always with us in spirit.

For us, the last two weeks have been filled with festivities and I’m feeling blessed and grateful…truly.  I am also feeling exhausted and…I’m happy that Christmas is over!  There I said it.  Now we can move on to the fact that I never got my holiday decor post done before the holidays so I’m recapping here and now.  Nothing like the Here and Now, right?  It’s really all we have.

This post will have few words and many photos of my home tour…before I take all the decorations down.  Trust me, I’m ready.

The kitchen…

The Mantel…


The Dining Room…

The Family Room…


And finally…the wrapings…

And that, my friends, is a recap of Christmas 2014!  Done!

Be well,


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