Be Our Guest…The Guest Room Reveal

Hi there,

I. Am. Calling. It. Done.

Finally, the guest room/office is complete!  Make yourself comfortable, grab a beverage and settle in for a photo heavy post, my friends.  But…before I pull back the curtain on this one, let me remind you of my vision board for the room…


I’m transitioning from earth tones to a more grey and greige color pallet in my home so I chose BM Barren Plains for the wall color.  If you missed my previous posts about this room, you can read them here and here.  So let’s begin…

After I finished painting the room, SuperHouls performed his magic and added some architectural interest for a feature wall…

I’ve had my eye on this chandy for a while and it fits with my belief that all rooms need a little bling because…


All that glitters…

I wanted this room to function as both a guest room and a home office space for me. I think I was able to utilize the space in a way that makes it feel cozy and welcoming for guests to stay, but is functional and spacious to work in, or just relax and read a book.


The feature wall as seen looking into the room from the hallway.

I love the way the animal print chair and rug compliment each other.

When you enter the room, the daybed fits perfectly on the right wall.

When you enter the room, the day bed fits perfectly on the right wall.

This day bed pulls out to a king size bed when needed, and offers tons of storage in the bottom drawers.  I consider that a major score.  Moving along to the other end of the day bed…

The opposite end of the day bed is the plant corner.

At the opposite end of the day bed is the plant corner.

And here’s a close-up of the wall decor above the plants…

The arrow signs are a nod to my heritage.

The arrow signs are the names of the counties in Ireland that my parents are from. A little nod to my heritage.

At the other corner of the room, directly across from the plant corner is the closet door.  I dressed it up with a wreath hanging from a ribbon.  I then added some wall prints that I love…



Now we are at the home office side of the room.  This space is almost finished.  I have to add a large bulletin board to the massive wall above the desk.  I have a plan in mind but I’m going to give myself a little time to use the room and see if the plan feels right, and if it is the best solution for the space.


And we can’t forget the faux taxidermy with the gold antlers in the vision board.  Yup, I found him…


All that glitters...

Those gold antlers!

And here’s one more photo of the room at night with the chandelier dimmed…


This room took a lot longer to put together than I expected.  The painting and furniture arrangement were pretty straightforward but the decorating took a while to get just right.

Finally, here’s a few close-ups of how I accessorized (my favorite part) the space…





So, what do you think of my new guest room/office?  Does it make you want to visit and stay a while?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Be well,



This rug matches my fur purrfectly. Coincidence? Doubtful!


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