The Guest Room…an update

Hi there,

We’ve made progress on the guest room and I wanted to share a quick update. In my previous post about this room, I shared the design board (or maybe it’s called a mood board) showing my vision for the room. This project is moving slower than I thought (isn’t that always the way) but we have managed to paint, create a feature wall and shop for some of the large and small pieces for the space. If you missed my previous post and want to catch up, you can read it here.

After I finished painting the room, SuperHouls stepped in with his power tools to add some character.


Since then the rug has arrived and I found some throw pillows and other accessories for the room.image

I also brought my desk chair in to see how it would coordinate.


And…I found the perfect curtains (that I still need to hang) and I’m working on the chandy that will replace the ceiling fan.

I’ll have more updates soon, but in the meantime please tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Be well,




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