Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Six: Secret Snowflake

Hey Everyone,

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I am an educator by day and part-time blogger…whenever I get a chance…which never seems often enough.  At our school, we do a secret snowflake which is the same idea as a secret Santa but is more inclusive of all religions observed by the staff.  We exchange gifts during our holiday party and try to guess our Secret Snowflake.

This year, I got the best gift.  A day planner and pens that are so pretty, I just had to create a photo vignette with them.

secret snow 4

Too cute!

Did you see what the pens say?

Places to go. Things to do. People to see.

Places to go. Things to do. People to see.

Yup.  That’s me.  Ok, just a few more pics, I promise…


That ornament!


That sparkly pine cone!

How cute is this gift?  My secret snowflake nailed it.

secret snow 4

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D and D

D and D with Romeo ~ Christmas 2014


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