Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Five: My Favorite Mall


I. Am. Done. Shopping.  Really done…and really happy about it.  Now I just need to get wrapping.  Before I do, I wanted to share a quick post.

I get a lot of my inspiration for decorating both during the holidays and seasonally from paying attention…and I’m not gonna lie…sometimes closely inspecting, displays that I see in stores and malls.  Here’s some of what caught my eye at my favorite mall this holiday season.

Entering from the parking garage to huge christmas balls and swans in the fountain…


And hanging from the ceiling at the entrance to one department store…


At the top of the escalator I was greeted by this soldier…


Bright shining stars lit the way down this corridor…


And this gold and white window display caught my eye…

But the last store I visited was different.  My camera made them nervous for some reason and after I took this picture of their beautifully flocked trees, I wanted a close-up of the wreath hanging in the background.


As I focused in on the shot, the security officer approached me and said that photos were not allowed in the store!  Um…embarassing.  Then with a smile,

“But, your decorations are so beautiful, can I just take one last shot? ” 

“Ok, but then you’ll have to stop.”

“Thanks. Promise.” 



That wreath!

And it was so worth the embarassing moment!










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