Bow Makers, Signs and Faux Taxidermy


I got some interesting responses to my last post, among them, …”a place to hang your wet hat” and “mitten holders.”  As a result, my creative juices are flowing.  BUT, the simple gift from Super Houls is…wait for it….wait for it…


…a bow maker.

Yup, I’m going to be a bow making fiend this Christmas.  If you’re completely lost right now, read my last post here.  Did you notice the little red dots on the bottom piece of wood along the edge?  Those are inch markers.  I see a bow tutorial in the near future.

Thanksgiving is here and I am so looking forward to a loooooooong weekend.  And although I’m already missing summer, I know the only way to get back to it is to cycle back through fall, winter, and spring.  Winter is not my favorite season but the holidays certainly help and they give me yet another reason to decorate.  The Friday after Thanksgiving the tree gets trimmed and the decorating madness begins.  Super Houls is accustomed to the frenzy.  God love him!

While Friday is the official day to begin…if you’ve met me, you know the wheels have been turning, the ideas stewing and the visions of grandeur flowing.  In fact, I may have already started…just a little.  I couldn’t resist this fur collar for my buck…


How cute are those bells?  And the keys are the actual keys to the doors in my home.

I also added this white buck to my dining room gallery wall


And last weekend I made this little sign with some gold glitter craft paper and black glitter letters…


Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a day filled with good eats, good company and lasting memories.

Be well,



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