Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Nine: Vertical Card Display

Merry-Merry Friends,

It’s Christmas Eve and I am only on Day 9 of my series.  I’ve been behind on this holiday since Thanksgiving but I am pushing through despite the fact that either SuperHouls or I have been sick for the past six weeks.  We just keep passing it back and forth to each other.  He gets well; I get sick.  I get well; he gets sick.  Right now it is my turn again.  This cough just lingers and lingers and lingers.  All I want for Christmas is to be cold free!

I also need to mention this weather.  I mean…really?  We’ve had some difficult winters the past few years so I don’t want to complain, but this is the other extreme.  I have no idea what to wear for the festivities tonight and tomorrow.  My shorts and tees are packed away peeps!  OK, I’m way off topic now.  This post is about our Christmas card display.

This year I did something a little different. Rather than just display the cards using the glass panes of the 15 light door, I added three columns of green and gold ribbon to create a vertical display…


The bells add a nice finishing touch to the ends of the ribbon and they add enough weight to keep the ribbons hanging straight.


I used 10 yards of ribbon on this display and after hanging the three strips of ribbon, I still had enough left over for a…wait for it…a bow, of course.  So I grabbed my bow maker and got to work…


I think the bow adds the finishing touch to the vertical card display.  Don’t you?…

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Stay away from me with those bows.



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