The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Eight: SuperHouls

Hi Everyone,

I would be remiss if I didn’t include SuperHouls in this Twelve Days of Christmas series.   And if you know me, then you know negligence is not my thing.  Not when it comes to SuperHouls… #blessed

Every year, on the weekend after Thanksgiving, you can spot him carrying the expandable ladder from the garage and up the driveway to lean it against the house.  Then he gets busy unraveling lights and checking to make sure all the bulbs on the string are working before he hangs them.  Then lights get strung, wreaths get hung, trees are lit, bows are placed and…tadaaaaaaa…


House of Houlies ~ Christmas 2015

Afterwards, I usually come along and add some finishing touches, like the ribbons on the trees by the front door…


House of Houlies ~ Christmas 2015

…like the plaid blanket and bow on the porch decor.  The beautiful poinsetta was a thoughtful gift from our neighbors.


Yup, I’d say he’s pretty amazing.


House of Houlies ~ Christmas 2014

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XMAS 2013 2

Romeo ~ Christmas 2013




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