Twelve Days of Christmas – Day One


Here we are once again. It’s December 1st and the Christmas season is in full swing. I feel so behind this year because, um…I am.  I’m at the tail end of the worst cold I ever had in my life!  Seriously, I’m into week 3 and still coughing. But I think the worst is over so I’m gearing up to get this home decorated and ready for some holiday celebrations.

Today is Day One of The Twelve Days Of Christmas series.   When I first thought of doing this series, I wondered, “Wait…do I have 12  things to write about?”  I guess we’ll see.

Today, it’s all about the mantle…

Christmas Mantle 2015

I’m pairing down a bit this year. Yes, you read that correctly. Using just two colors and layering creates an understated, beautiful aesthetic.

The sleigh is the centerpiece of the mantle. I layered by filling it  with various size pine cones and a few gold and white ornaments. I also added some ribbon to dress it up a bit.

Sleigh 2015

Once the sleigh was in place I started to arrange trees, pinecones, ornaments and deer to each side in varying heights until I was happy with the overall look.

mantle 2015

Mantle 2015

And then the last piece is the swag.  The swag is also layered. First I started with  string of pinecones and then I weaved some gold glitter garland and then finally some beaded garland with very small berries and pearls.


And of course, the stockings finish it off.  Here’s one last look at how it all ties together

Mantle 2015

Please excuse that random plant branch that somehow jumped into the picture. Other than that,what do you think?    I’m really loving the simplicity of the two color scheme.

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Be well friends,


Floyd 2015