Sorting Through the Mail

Hi Everyone,

This week I’m sharing my first ever DIY project.  This project was from my pre-blogging days and was inspired by this post from sisters Ashley and Whitney at Shanty2Chic (…




Super Houls gave our small mudroom a makeover a while back (a future post, I promise) and I wanted to contribute to the desperately needed organization.  So I created my own version of a mail sorter.  Sorry that I do not have any process pics, but like I said, this was from my pre-blogging days.  I love the chalkboard on the inspiration photo but we needed a place to put up small notices, giftcards, discount coupons, etc., etc., etc.  That’s the beauty of DIY, you can customize anything for your needs.

I decided my version needed a space for a french bulletin board rather than a chalkboard and I customized the mail slots to include one for magazines…

Assembled Mail Sorter

Assembled Mail Sorter


Once I cut, sanded and assembled all the pieces,  I primed and painted and then glammed it up a bit with some fabric, ribbon, tacks, labels and key hooks…

All dressed up!

All dressed up!

I was taking pics with my iphone but you get the idea.  Here’s one last look…


We hung this piece on the wall in the mudroom and it is working beautifully to keep our mail organized.  And when I share the mudroom makeover, you’ll see it in action.

I think Spring has finally arrived!

I love my cat run!

I love my cat run!


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