Lady In Red with a Peep Toe…Stop It!

Hi Everyone,

Remember my post about Parisian Inspired Artwork?  If not, you can read about it here and here.  Today I have another treat in store for you. This time I am sharing a new print we acquired during our trip to Puerto Rico.  If you missed that post, you can read about it here.  If not, read on for the story of how I got my hands on this beauty…

You thought I was going to put a picture here didn't you?  Not yet. Read on.

You thought I was going to give you a peek at it, didn’t you?  Not yet. Read on.


Two years ago during our trip to PR, we were spending a day in Old San Juan and happened upon an artist gallery when we entered the Compania de Tourismo de Puerto Rico to use the restroom.  While waiting for Super Houls, I started browsing….turned a corner…and BAM! I stopped dead in my tracks!  It was breathtaking… I. Just. Stood. There. Staring.. the beauty of the painting.  It drew me in.  I wanted to feel what the woman in the painting was feeling.  I was struck by the beauty, the passion and the sensuality it captured.  Super Houls found me and I said, “I have to have this!”  

I thought of taking a picture of the painting and looked around to see if the guard was watching…he was.  No picture.  That wouldn’t have worked anyway because I wanted a large version…have you met me?…hanging in my home.  I sauntered over to the desk and asked for information on the artist.  They had a pamphlet!

The artist, Angel Cora, has never taken an art class.  No way!  Yup!  Zilch…none…nada.  When you see this you won’t believe it.  No cheating – keep reading.  I got back to New York and contacted him.  Did I mention Super Houls speaks Spanish?  Uh-huh.  Angel had prints available for sale and I was putting in my order.  But then life got busy and I never got around to ordering.  This past February Super Houls surprised me with another trip to PR for my birthday.  I love that man!  So I contacted Angel and planned to meet him in Old San Juan during the trip.

Turns out Angel is a really nice guy, so is Super Houls.  They hit it off…

Angel & Terry

Left: My Super Houls; Right: Angel Cora, Talented Artist


…and I came home with a numbered print of “Exstasis”…

Number 1 of 100. You're gonna want number 2.

Number 1 of 100. You’re gonna want number 2. Trust me.


We took her to get framed…

Gold and grey...a favorite combination.

Gold and grey…a favorite combination.


…and decided on a wall to hang her. Then Super Houls got to work…

Exstasis 1

My Super Houls


And finally…here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for…

"Exstasis" Angel cora

Angel Cora

And of course, some close-ups…

This close-up explains the title.

This close-up explains the title.  There’s a tear falling from her right eye.  Can you see it?


Her hands show her strength.

Her hands show her strength.


Does it get any better than a red peep-toe?

Does it get any better than a red peep-toe?


I mean…Can you believe he never took an art class?  An engineer by trade…with a creative side, obvs!

Stop It!

Stop It!

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?  If you are interested in learning more about Angel Cora, you can visit his website at  You’ll have to translate the webpage, but so worth it. I see a successful career as an artist in this engineer’s future.

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