What happens when it stops raining men? It showers love birds, of course!

Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to be doing my first feature post ever.  Today I am featuring my sister-in-law Kelly’s awesome skills as a graphic designer…photographer…party planner…and…hostess extraordinaire!  Here’s the story of how she created the sweetest Love Birds themed wedding shower.   Did I mention she looked fabulous too?  Uh huh.

So just to provide a little background before we dive in…

My niece/god-daughter, Michele, is getting married next month and the whole family is excited!  The whole family for this lucky girl includes her mom’s family, her dad’s family, her stepmom’s family, and her fiancée’s family.  She has spent the past year organizing to bring her family members across state and country lines to attend her wedding next month in Virginia.  Being blessed with a large family means she has had three wedding showers…I know…lucky girl!  Today I am featuring her New York/Connecticut shower in Kelly’s (her step mom’s) gorgeous home in Ridgefield, CT.

It all started when Michele laid eyes on this lucky guy…

Michele & George The Happy Couple

Michele & George
The Happy Couple

How cute are they?  And those beaming smiles?  Always there when they are near each other.  So cute!  So after 22 months, George did what any genteel, southern gentleman would do.  He. Put. A. Ring. On. It.  A, um, fabulous ring.  This one…


I Die!

Which is just about at the same time that Kelly got very busy…planning the perfect Love Birds themed party!  We all received this invitation that she designed herself…and those bird-cages on the left were the party favor that each guest took home.  And…inside those lovely little cages…a small Yankee Candle votive.  Wedding Day scent, of course.  But it gets better…

Imitation & Birdnest Favors

The Invitation

What you don’t see is what’s in the vase to the right.  Those little cards on the bottom right of the photo were for people to write a wish for the bride and groom and then hang them on the branches in this beautiful arrangement that Kelly made…

Michele finds the well wishes.

Michele finds the well wishes.

And a close-up…

Love Birds & Well Wishes

The theme continued to the dining table centerpiece with a beautiful birdcage and nests with candies and blue mason jars with flowers and birds hanging from the chandelier…

Birdcage Centerpiece

Birdcage Centerpiece

Blue Accents

Hanging Love Birds

Hanging Love Birds

We drank pink lemonade and played games after delicious appetizers and lunch.   Did I mention Kelly cooked too?  Uh huh…

Beverage anyone?

Beverage anyone?  With a splash of vodka, maybe?



Shower Games Shower Games2

And the winners got rewarded with these…

In honor of George’s love of koozies.

Did you notice the banner that spans the mantel?  It told the story of their courtship in pictures!

Banner Story

And dessert was not only delicious, it was beautiful.  Kelly’s sister Karen took the invitation to a specialty dessert store and had this cake made…

The Cake

The Cake

And these beauties that we got to take for the road…

To go cookies.

To go cookies.

…in these cute little bags.

To go bags.

To go bags.

But before we left, there were gifts to open and new attire for the bride to wear…

The Bride's Bonnet

The Bride’s Bonnet

and what’s a party without a group shot…

Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild

When all was said and done, Michele felt blessed and honored by Kelly and her NY/CT family…

Mish & Kelly

Michele & Kelly

It was a beautiful shower and Kelly even got a well deserved break when it was all over.



Hope you enjoyed this feature post.  I certainly enjoyed being a part of Michele’s special day and a guest at Kelly’s beautiful home.

Miss Tia was there too.

I think Miss Tia was happy to see us go and get her house back.


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