Educating the folks at Home Depot on Chalk Paint – Part 1

Hi Everyone,

So for the third time in the last few months, I went to a nearby Home Depot in search of chalk paint.  According to the HD website, they are carrying a new chalk paint by Americana Decor.  Don’t believe me?  Neither did the folks in the paint department!  Check it out here.

Just like my previous two visits, when I asked where their chalk paint was they quickly responded while pointing, “Chalkboard paint is over there.”

Me: “No, no, not chalkboard paint, chalk paint,” I stressed.

HD Folks: “Chalk paint?  What’s that?  We don’t carry that.”

Me: “But the website says you do.  It’s called Americana Decor.”  Oh, the power of a name!

HD Folks: “It does?”

Me: “Uh, huh,” I reassure them while pointing to the empty sample display board that I spotted in the moment, which clearly read Americana Decor Chalk Paint.

A name and a picture…I’m finally going home with chalk paint!

The female turns and points to a nearby aisle, “I put those boxes up there on the shelf when they came in ’cause no one knew what to do with them.”

“Great!  Can we get them down and see what colors you have?..please?”

The male looked at me sideways, “Really?”

I smiled.  “You might as well because I’m going to use them and then blog about them.  Once they go on my blog, you are going to have people coming in here in droves to buy them,” I assured him.  (OK, so not enirely true, but hey, you never know!)

He climbed up on the ladder and started opening the boxes.  I wanted the gray color but they couldn’t find it so I settled for the black and grabbed a container of the wax too.  While my new HD friend was going through the boxes for me, the female rejoined us and asked what kind of paint it is.  The natural educator in me explained the benefits of chalk paint and how it could be used.  Of course I included the best parts, no sanding, great coverage, beautiful finish.  My audience of two was highly engaged and sincerely intrigued with my lesson.

[Insert Disclaimer]: Let me just say that I am in no way affiliated with Home Depot or Americana Decor Chalk Paint and I am not being paid for this post.  And, while I don’t agree with this reality, especially when I am called upon to share my knowledge with the folks at Home Depot, it is what it is.

So, I have these wooden trays that I have been wanting to makeover and I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint.  Everyone’s heard of Anne Sloan Chalk Paint and you’ve probably heard of Miss Muster Seed’s Chalk Paint too.   However, Americana Decor I had never heard of.  It just happened to be at my local HD and therefore, convenient.  So back to these trays.  Here’s what they looked like in their natural state…

Wood/Wicker Trays Before

Wood/Wicker Trays Before



Ugly, yes, but in good shape.  At first, my plan was to stain them dark and then paint the inside a bright white.  I painted first and they looked like this after three coats…


Better and brighter…but then when I sanded and applied stain, it started to bubble.  I was disappointed, so no pics. I eventually recovered, changed course and remembered the Chalk Paint on the HD website.  You’ll have to stay tuned for Part 2 to see how they turned out.

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What? I’m tired!

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