A Spring Fling at HomeGoods

Hi Everyone,

This weekend I had the opportunity to get to HomeGoods and check out their Spring inventory.  If you read this post then you know I have been training for the New York City Half Marathon.  This past weekend I completed my long (12 miles) run and I’m feeling confident about the race next Sunday.  I am also looking forward to having more free time so I can get started on all the projects and ideas that are spinning  in my head. And…with daylight savings and rising temps (finally) I’m just itching to get into the garage and get busy.

Super Houls is frowning.

So here’s what I discovered during my trip to HomeGoods…

If you have a lot of property and young children at home, or if you are having a garden party for a child’s birthday and you need some decorations, you may want to pick up this lawn ornamentalish thingy…

Old Car

It’s pretty amazing…I don’t have a need for it…but maybe you do.

Or perhaps you are looking more for something for your family room or to allow guests privacy should they need to take a call while visiting.  Then this would be perfect…

Phone Booth 1

Old phone booth anyone?                           

Booth Seat

You could add a seat cushion so your guests can be comfortable while they talk.

Not what you had in mind?  No worries!  Remember this post on Parisian Inspired Artwork?  This Eiffel Tower would be amazing in my dining room…or great with plants and climbing vines…but where to put it?

Eifel Tower

Even comes in two colors.

You should have seen me running around the store as if I had been locked up for months (well…yeah…I guess I kinda have with all the snow).  Yes, friends, Spring has certainly sprung at HomeGoods!  Here are some other items I spotted that fall  into the DIY category, for sure!

Doggie Bed

My kitten, Romeo would so love this!

Trunk Dresser

Cute bedside table. I have an old trunk in the garage waiting for a DIY from me.

Bench with nailhead trim

Love a nail head trimmed bench. Estate sale season, here I come!

In need of some lanterns to spruce up your garden or patio?  These were 40-50 percent off…so colorful!

Summer Lanterns

And finally…I just adore these decorations for Easter.  You could decorate an entire mantle around these…

easter 2

A bunny…

Bunny eggs wrapped in a ribbon.

Easter Bunny eggs wrapped in a ribbon.

Bunny eggs in a nest.

Easter Bunny eggs in a nest.

I find a trip to HomeGoods always gets my inspiration flowing, especially after a LONG. COLD. WINTER.  How about you?  Where do you find inspiration?

AND…next time I post, I’ll have completed my second half marathon!

Wish me luck!


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Oh, and let me mention that I received absolutely no compensation of any sort from HomeGoods.

^ I see other bloggers add disclaimers…not sure why…so I did too.


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