Snowrganization Day

Hi Everyone,

We survived our first major snowstorm here in the northeast. I woke this morning to almost 9 inches of snow on the ground. Fresh snow is so pretty. Here’s a view of my backyard…


And here’s the front yard…


My day got even better when I learned that schools were closed and we were granted a snow day. Remember being a kid and hoping for snow days? I sure do! Sleigh riding, snowball fights, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. The temperature was in the single digits so rather than go out and build a snowman or go sledding, I got an early start on putting away my Christmas decorations while Super Houls did some shoveling…


Super Houls is awesome! He kept his promise on the attic. He cleaned it out during the holiday break! I’m excited about it and hope to get started on finishing it this Spring. It will be a BIG project but I’m ready with inspiration photos. I’m thinking all white – white walls, white ceiling, white floors, white curtains – with exposed wood rafter beams.  Doesn’t that sound light and airy and atticy.

But back to organizing for now  I put all my Christmas decorations in big clear bins, except for a few that went into boxes, organized them by type and then printed out the simple labels on 8.5 x 11 paper to fit in sheet protectors. Super Houls found a box of sheet protectors during the attic clean-up so I put them to use. How easy is this…


And I did the same with my wreaths – I am working on a hanging system for my wreaths. I welcome ideas so please do share if you have a system that works for you…


I know exactly where everything is which will make next year’s decorating so easy.

There you have it. A snowrganization day success.

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Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Snowrganization Day

  1. Alicia says:

    I am impressed! If you run out of stuff to organize come on over. I haven’t one Christmas decoration down yet. Hoping tomorrow is the day!


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