Linen Closet Makeover (The World’s Smallest)

Hi Everyone,

Happy Almost New Year!

Christmas 2013 is behind us and the new year is just a few days away.  This time of year gives me a few days off to start thinking (which always brings on new projects) and looking around my home to see what needs revamping, editing or making over.

Organization is usually high on the list for new year’s resolutions so I thought I’d share my linen closet makeover.  I did this organization project before I started blogging and in my haste to get things done, I don’t have many before pictures…which is fine by me…sorry!

I have the world’s smallest linen closet.  When we bought the house 8 years ago it was painted a mauvey (best word to describe it) color to match the mauvey floral wall paper that ran the length of the hallway from floor to ceiling.  The wallpaper was removed immediately but the linen closet stayed that color for…and this is embarrasing to say…7 years.  There were too many other projects that took priority.  Then one day I looked in and thought, “it’s time.”  Here are two before shots of the mauvey color and my genius organization system for the door (not).Linen Closet Smiley Paint

Linen Closet Door Before

Once I emptied it out and removed the shelves, I started painting the wood shelf ledges and cutting in and I made the smiley face to inspire me onward because I then realized what I had gotten myself into…a LOT of priming and painting!  But, I’m used to this because I do it all the time…jump right in…NOW.

While I waited for the coats of paint to dry I edited my linen collection.  Given that this is the world’s smallest linen closet, I decided I only needed two sets of sheets for each bed, two sets of towels for each of us, a set of both for guests and space for extra blankets.  I also needed space for storing toiletries and cleaning supplies.

After painting the interior a cheery yellow and white, here’s what I came up with…labeled baskets…

Linen Closet Closeup 3Linen Basket Label

And you can see in the above photo how I lined the edge of the shelves with green ribbon and decorative tacks.  Here’s a picture that shows how I organized the cleaning products I needed to have on hand…

Linen Closet Closeup 2

And the extra blankets went on the top shelf as seen here…

Linen closet organization 1

I corraled extra toilet paper and tissues in a basket on the floor and added a basket on the bottom shelf for Super Houls’ laundry.

Linen Closet Laundry

And you see those two drawers?  Superhouls attached them to the shelf so I would have storage for my extra toiletries.  They are plastic storage drawers that he attached from the top…

Linen Closet Drawer Start

Linen Closet Drawer

Linen Closet Drawer Open

Now there’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  Organization at its best.  Remember what the door looked like?  Here’s the door after…

Linen Closet Door After

Because the closet is small and is off the hallway, it’s hard to get a direct pictire, but here’s a final look at how it looks today…

Linen Closet After

I love a good, inexpensive, organized fix.  It just makes daily life so much easier to manage.  Do you have any home organization plans for the new year?


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