Decorative Ladders – My DIY Version

We had some beautiful weather here this weekend!!  It made working on a project in the cold garage quite bearable.  Here’a a picture of the beautiful fall sky from my garage…

Pink Sky

Yes, this is the view I was blessed with as I ventured into my latest project…decorative ladders!!

It seems decorative ladders are all the rage in home decorating and blogger sites online.  I have been wanting to DIY this project for a while and I finally got the chance this weekend.  After much reserach online, I found a tutorial over at Love Grows Wild and thought, “I can do that!”  Here’s my inspiration photo…


Of course, being an “A” type personality, I thought I could easily make use of 4 of these ladders in different rooms in the house.  So this weekend, I got started and created two of the 4 ladders I need…OK, want.  I want something to bookend my husband’s dresser in our master bedroom.  It’s too narrow for the wide expanse of wall.  I also want one for the hall bathroom – I plan to hang baskets on it to corral toiletries.  I think a fourth would be great in the laundry room as a drying rack – maybe hanging from the ceiling?????  As you can see, once I get an idea in my head, the possibilities are endless.

When I told my husband I was heading to Home Depot to buy lumber for my ladders, he said, “We have plenty of ladders.  Why do you need to make them?”

“No,  honey, we need “decorative” ladders…trust me.  And off I went.

I did manage to knock out the two for the master bedroom this weekend… I was able to make the cuts, assemble them and apply stain.  All that’s left is the wax and then I can style them – my favorite part – sooooo exciting.  I promise to post pictures in a few days.  In the meantime, how cute is this Owl on the dresser…


Did you create something beautiful this weekend?


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