Whitewashed Fireplace Reveal

In case you missed my previous post and want to read all about this masterpiece from the beginning, click here.

Last night I went to bed unconvinced of my satisfaction with my masterpiece.   My husband was certainly noticing my hesitation.  His comments included such things as, “You need some time away from it.” and “You need to see it in the daylight – wait til morning.”  I acquiesed.  Sometimes, when it comes to design decisions, my man is right and I was hoping this was one of those times.

But just in case, I called D & D in to gain their expert opinions.  Dylan, my son, didn’t say much as he looked to Daria, his girlfriend, for her thoughts.  They both silently looked at my masterpiece for a few moments.  I was nervous.  Didn’t they see the brilliance in my work?  Daria finally broke the silence with, “It’s a good start.”  Wait…did she just say “start”?  I thought I was finished.  Then she enlightened me further with, “The grout needs to be lighter or darker.  It needs more contrast.”  Dylan, watching this exchange between us, quickly agreed…with her.  Here is what my “good start” masterpiece looked like…

FP Stage 1

Again, I acquiesed.  Then Daria and I further discussed and processed (yes, I picked her brain, a bit) this “more contrast” idea.  We went back and forth between the inspiration photo and my “good start” masterpiece.  We finally agreed that going back over the grout lines with a whiter whitewash was needed.  Yes, “we” agreed and “I” got to work.  My husband was done at this point.  He loved my masterpiece just the way it was…bless him.  He thought it was “fine”.  And I thought, “Have you met me?”  Why settle for “fine” when it can be better, enhanced, improved, awesome!  Did I mention that Daria is finishing up her degree in art?  Need I say more?

The paint brush came back out.  The whiter whitewash was mixed and I got to painting.  And voila!  May I present the masterpiece (complete with contrast…and a fire for ambiance)…


And here’s a close up…


I’m happy with it.  The dark, red brick is lighter and brighter…AND…has the contrast I was looking for.  Thanks Daria.  I am calling it done!  For now.

Let me know what you think.



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